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This is a Trundle bed, sometimes called a truckle bed. A Trundle Bed is great for sleep-overs. The trundle slides under the bed when not in use for a very clean look.

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Trundle bed (truckle bed)

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A Trundle bed, sometimes called truckle bed, is a bed which can be stored beneath another bed. This is a great space-saver for use in bedrooms where you sometimes need the use of an extra bed, but don't have the room for separate beds. The trundle is low to the ground and slides on casters.

The trundle can be pulled out when needed, or pushed under the upper bed when not in use. This trundle bed does not use a box spring or solid foundation, since it has many slats for strength, it works perfectly with any of our Twin sized memory foam mattresses.

Because RestOnClouds cares about our environment, the trundle bed is made from renewable "Green" compliant Parawood.

The trundle bed is compatible with the Twin/Full Bunk bed. The bed has it's own foundation, so you can just choose any of our 10" or smaller Twin size memory foam mattresses.


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