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Home :: Waterbed Accessories :: Thermal Guardian Touch Temp Digital Solid State Water Bed Heater

Thermal Guardian Touch Temp Digital Solid State Water Bed Heater

Digital Water Bed Heater

Thermal Guardian Digital Temperature Control System

ThermalGuardian Water bed heaters are the only US MADE heaters on the market today. Standing against the compettion, our heaters show a quality and durabilty that can't be matched.

Our digitally controlled water bed heaters are designed for precision. Forget setting you water bed to be "kinda warm", or "kinda cool". With our digital temperature control, you can set you bed to EXACTLY 84 degrees (neutral), EXACTLY 82 degrees (cool) or EXACTLY 86 (very warm).

Our high watt hard side heaters and low watt softside heaters each have larger surface areas than other leading products, delivering more consistent, reliable heat.

For SINGLE or DUAL BLADDER Soft Side Waterbeds ONLY. Not for Tube Styles

A sophisticated solid state control and heater pad offering advanced features:

  • Deluxe Digital Solid State Controller with Light
  • 60 gauge with Precision Circuitry and 9 mil Compensator
  • 120 Watt (softside) 300 Watt (hardside)
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Pad Size 8.75 x 35.5


PLEASE NOTE:  if you are ordering 2 or more water bed heaters, you will see a shipping fee in the shopping cart.  This will NOT be charged to you.  All heaters ship with FREE SHIPPING, and will be manually adjusted before billing.

For Softside Water Beds
Free MP Conditioner -
$16.95 value

See note above about purchasing
multiple heaters.

Digital Waterbed Heater
Soft SideTouch Temp Heater

For Hardside Water Beds
Free MP Conditioner -
$16.95 value

See note above about purchasing
multiple heaters.

Digital Waterbed Heater
Hard Side Touch Temp Heater

If you need help choosing the correct product, please call 800-705-2056 ext. 2 and speak with one of our representatives.
Free Gift
FREE Water Bed Conditioner With Purchase of Any Waterbed Heater. $16.95 Value!
Since you are probably going to be draining your bed to replace your heater, you're going to need some new conditioner! This is our free gift to you as a thanks for chosing RestOnClouds.
Free Conditioner



7 Layer construction for durability.

Longest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

water bed heater


Waterbed heaters for both traditional hardside and softside beds have been improved recently with safety and comfort advances. These advances affect some of the installation and use conditions of the heaters and must be addressed before your new heater is installed. The new motionless water mattresses have also contributed to the heater advances. These new mattress designs have increased fiber filling in the mattress interior to the degree that the water is virtually trapped and almost no water circulation occurs. One of the safety advances is lowering the operating temperature of the heater pad when it is working. The addition of a sensitive fuse in the pad is another safety improvement keeping the pad from ever reaching too hot of a temperature.
The next section will provide you with some important tips on the proper heater installation to give you the maximum enjoyment of your sleep environment.
Never plug in the heating unit until the mattress is completely filled with water. The Thermal Guardian®
Temperature Control Systems are designed with your safety as our number one concern. Each heating pad is
engineered to shut down in the event of an overheating situation. Under normal use, this is an outstanding
feature; however, if the pad is heated without the proper depth of fluid to whisk the heat away, the safety fuse can
trip which renders the pad unable to operate.
Some models of the Thermal Guardian®heating pads are rolled at the factory. The proper method of flattening
the pad is done by using the reverse roll. Do not heat the pad, as this may cause the safety fuse to trip.
Toensure proper enjoyment of your new flotation sleep system, always fill the mattress with warm water. This
canbe done using a faucet adaptor attached to any kitchen or bathroom sink. The use of a cold water fill will
prolong the warm up time. The Ener-Save design allows the pad to raise the temperature of the water at the
approximate rate of _ to _ degree Fahrenheit per hour. Assuming a cold tap temperature of 45 degrees, this will
bring the bed to a comfortable sleeping temperature in 5-7 days. Toavoid this delay, the warm water fill can
provide you a great night’s sleep on the very first night. If your hot water tank is drained during the fill process,
simply turn off the water supply and wait approximately 30-45 minutes. The mattress should be filled to within
approximately 1” below level with the frame. It is always easier to add a few pitchers of water to create a
less-supportive feel, than it is to drain an overfilled mattress. Once the mattress is filled, it is recommended that
no adjustment be made for 7-10 days to allow the body to adjust to the new support system.
Proper placement of the heater during installation is critical to the long life and enjoyment of your Thermal
Guardian®Temperature Control system. The heater pad must be positioned upon a rigid surface without any
foreign material, such as blankets or sheet, coming in contact with the pad. Never place the pad over any cracks
or imperfections in the foundation or decking. The pad must be directly underneath the safety liner. The black
temperature sensor should be a minimum of 12” from the pad and 6” from the sides of the bed to provide
accurate temperature readings. The mattress is then placed on the liner, inside of the frame perimeter.
Open the fill valve on the mattress and inflate it with air until it is about 2 feet tall.Replace the cap and push
down on the center of the expanded mattress to force the wrinkles from the bottom of the mattress which will help
prevent issues with the heater pad. This also allows you to center the mattress easily in the frame as you release
the air from the mattress and prepare for a warm water fill. By centering the mattress with air you will ensure a
comfortable fit and a great night’s rest for years to come.
Periodic conditioning of the inside and outside of your vinyl water mattress will improve your overall
enjoyment and provide a more comfortable night’s sleep. Upon finishing the initial fill of your mattress, place
8ounces of a Fiber Bed waterbed conditioner inside the chamber (for Dual chambers add 4 ounces to each side).
This will adequately treat the water (for well water it is recommended to double this dosage) for one year. The
conditioner prevents algae growth in the water, which in turn minimizes air bubbles. It also lubricates the inside of
the vinyl to keep it soft and supple. To create the same level of protection on the outside of the mattress, the use
of a Waterbed Vinyl Conditioning spray will remove body oils which if left unattended, can cause the vinyl to
become brittle. Cleaning the surface bi-monthly will help prolong the life of the mattress and enhance the comfort.
Plug in your heater and enjoy your warm waterbed!



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